Creating your very own At-Home Tea Ritual

Creating your very own At-Home Tea Ritual

What is a Tea Ritual?

The act of drinking tea is ritualistic in nature and invites us to be present and mindful. Far from just offering hydration, tea drinking can be a daily invitation to connect with ourselves, facilitating new levels of awareness, reflection, and intention. It is a powerful addition to everyday life.

How to Create your very own At-Home tea ritual. 

Set your Intention: This may vary from one day to the next, from connection with yourself, to gratitude, reverence, wellbeing and peace. Your motivation for your at-home tea ritual may change each time you sit down. 

Time: Think about your routine and your commitments and find a space in your schedule where you have time to sit and breathe. Is this a daily, weekly or monthly possibility? Can you make it a part of your life’s rhythm?

Place: Consider your home and where you would like to create an intentional space for your tea ritual. Set up a comfortable chair or meditation cushion, on a nice floor covering or rug, and possibly a low table with a special tray with a candle and vase of flowers or a simple house plant. You might wish to keep a notebook in this place. 

Collection: Gather the items that bring you the most joy: a favourite teapot & mugs, tea leaves or herbal blends and any other accessories that you like to use to make your ritual special. A collection of different blends will enable you to match your leaf with your moment. A morning ritual will call for an energising blend whereas an evening ritual may include more soothing herbs. 

The Ritual Itself: Tea ritual can symbolise beginnings, endings, safety, comfort, and containment. Almost any life moment becomes more manageable through the ritual of tea.

A Sensory Experience For more insights into connecting to your senses in your at-home tea ritual, you may wish to read our earlier article, How to Connect to your Senses in a Tea Ceremony. 

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