Peppermint, a time-tested mood-enhancer & digestive

Peppermint, a time-tested mood-enhancer & digestive

lose your eyes and dream a little. Think about all the things that can put you in a great mood… make a mental list. Is it a good news story? The most amazing night’s sleep? A walk in the forest? Happy children? A connecting conversation?


How about a fresh cup of Tulsi Peppermint tea!


Pudina, or peppermint, is a vibrant Ayurvedic herb that stands out in a herbal crowd – it tastes vibrantly fresh and it is said to positively affect our mood.


One of the biggest factors that affects our mood is stress- anxiety, depression, sadness, grief, worry, seasonal mood swings, and/or frustration can all send our mood south.


Peppermint is a time-tested Ayurvedic mood-enhancer that supports all constitutions, and when paired with Tulsi can really support our stress response. If we can roll with the stress that comes our way, this will also pick up our mood.


Don’t forget that good mood also comes from balance….a fundamental principal in Ayurveda….so that regular mealtime, dependable night’s sleep and daily exercise are all super important too. And you’ll have your own list of things that you do to pick up your mood if it’s fallen flat. Easter chocolate included!


Tulsi Peppermint is caffeine free, so it can be enjoyed any time of the day. Or night.

It’s good to drink when craving sugar because it’s naturally sweet. It is a time-tested digestive aid, for almost all common digestive complaints, from indigestion to bloating, from gas and nausea, to overindulging on Easter chocolate. It also pairs well with said Easter chocolate!!


Now that’s put us all in a good mood!

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