Sustainability is not meant to be hard

Sustainability is not meant to be hard

 It can be as simple as a cup of organic herbal tea - in a SoL cup :)

The idea of changing the world can seem daunting, but we shouldn’t underestimate the impact of our regular, daily practices. These repetitive habits make a big difference over time, especially when we all act collectively.

I am overjoyed that ORGANIC INDIA has partnered up with SoL to bring our tribes some extra sustainability goodness – we have similar modus operandi – to create a better, more positive world – one SoL cup (of Tulsi tea) at a time. I love the synergies that I see between the two companies – the depth of consideration underpinning the fundamental actions of our enterprises in order to bring conscious products to market. Like SoL, sustainability is at the heart of ORGANIC INDIA, from raw ingredient selection to the ways in which we give back to our communities. I invite you to make a cup of Tulsi tea in your SoL cup and delve into the ORGANIC INDIA story. 

Working from the ground up

Almost 25 years ago, ORGANIC INDIA was founded, with a mission to share the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic herbs, in the form of herbal teas and supplements, with the rest of the world. But equally as significant, our company began to establish a sustainable business model that would support the livelihood of thousands of marginalised farmers in India by providing training and education, enabling self-sufficiency and skills that could be passed on to future generations. 

Creating a truly ethical enterprise was important to us since it reflected the True Wellness we hold as a guiding principle.

After witnessing the critical and toxic state of India’s agriculture, ORGANIC INDIA began establishing partnerships with small family farmers throughout rural India, training them in organic regenerative agriculture methods and paying the costs associated with their certified organic accreditation.  This model works because we don’t just trade with our farmers; they are a part of the ORGANIC INDIA family.

From one farmer to a network of over 2000, over 10,000 acres of once degraded, chemically- ravaged soil has been transformed into productive organic farmland that produces quality organic crops and herbs. The farmers and their families consume the organic food crops themselves, whilst the herbs they cultivate become the beautiful organic Tulsi (Holy Basil) Teas and herbal supplements you see in stores around the world.

Along the way, ORGANIC INDIA has become a certified B Corporation, and for the last two years has placed in the top 10% of all certified B Corporations, scoring exceptionally well for ‘Mission and Engagement’, ‘Corporate Culture’, ‘Toxic Reduction and Remediation’ and ‘Supply Chain Poverty Alleviation’.

What is Tulsi?

Naturally, when it comes to herbal tea, I reach for ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi, and pop that into my mug, teapot or SoL cup (yes, I have one, and they make the best gifts to friends and family). It is difficult to go beyond this incredible herb, which, in Ayurveda, is crowned Queen of Herbs, Holy Basil, Sacred Basil, Mother of All Herbs or, get this – THE INCOMPARABLE ONE!

I trained as a Naturopath and Western Medical Herbalist so naturally I adore herbs. But Tulsi captivates and bewilders me – this is extremely high-vibration plant medicine, bestowed with an astounding abundance of benefits, revered by yogis and meditators for thousands of years for its life enhancing properties. This supreme tonic or longevity herb tops up our vital spirit with every sip.

As an adaptogen, Tulsi effects a healthy stress response, alleviates anxiety and enhances mood. Tulsi is energising without being overstimulating and calming without being sedating. A double-acting herb (very unique), Tulsi assists the body towards the homeostasis it is constantly striving for. This is a balancing all-rounder. To top it all off, Tulsi contains compounds that have been scientifically proven to be stress-relieving, immune-boosting, enhance digestion and detoxification, support metabolism and are antioxidant rich. Totally wow, right?

Doing your part to create a sustainable environment

What’s more, ORGANIC INDIA tea bags are made from chemical, sealant & staple-free unbleached plastic-free plant fibre filter paper that is compostable and tied with a cotton thread. There is soy-based ink on the recyclable paper tag. 

Every mug of our Tulsi tea supports the livelihood of rural family farmers in India as well as the wellbeing of the planet.

We can change the world, one SoL cup of Tulsi at a time. Remember, it’s the regular rituals and practices that make the biggest difference – making mindful purchases from ethical enterprises, saying no to single use plastic, keeping a couple of sturdy shopping bags on hand, and stashing certified organic ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi tea in your pocket, pantry, bag, glovebox or desk at work.

Fill your cup with Tulsi and actively participate in our mission to create a sustainable environment.



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