How we are supporting the UN's goals for sustainable (social) development

How we are supporting the UN's goals for sustainable (social) development

What is Social Sustainability?

Social sustainability means to preserve future generations and to acknowledge that what we do can have an impact on others and on the world. Social sustainability focuses on maintaining and improving social quality via cohesion, reciprocity and honesty and the importance of relationships amongst people. (1)


ORGANIC INDIA’S Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

ORGANIC INDIA strongly believes in integrating its business values and operations to ensure its employees, farmers and the village communities benefit from the company’s presence in their neighbourhoods.


To achieve this, ORGANIC INDIA has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy aimed at supporting thousands of marginal farmers and tribal communities in rural India. It aims at enhancing welfare measures and facilitating positive social change, in both the immediate and long term.


ORGANIC INDIA vs UN Sustainable (Social) Development Goals

The ORGANIC INDIA policy supports many of the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development that are specifically targeted at social sustainability. Here are some of ways ORGANIC INDIA is working toward a more socially sustainable world.


United Nations Goal # 4: Quality Education

‘Farmers are our roots’. ORGANIC INDIA has developed partnerships with over 2000 small family farmers based on mutual respect, dignity and interconnectedness, providing them an education that ensures their livelihood now, and for future generations.

  • Once the farmer decides to become a partner, ORGANIC INDIA provides them with an ‘agro team’ who live with the farmer to teach them how to become a regenerative farmer. These teams are all agricultural experts, holding Masters and PhD degrees in Agriculture, and they motivate, teach, guide and monitor the farmers.
  • All the herbs and spices you find in the Tulsi tea and herbal supplement range are sourced from these farmers and some wildcrafters.


United Nations Goal # 3: Good Health and Well-Being

  • Rural Health and Medical Facilities: ORGANIC INDIA provides free healthcare to farmers, their families and surrounding villages at their two health centres.
  • ORGANIC INDIA provides women-specific healthcare including prenatal checkups and baby wellness care.
  • Travelling surgeons are subsidised to perform cataract operations to restore vision.
  • Quality Food: ORGANIC INDIA supports farmers while they improve the health of their soil, to achieve ‘certified organic’ status. Farmers can then grow their own nutritious, chemical-free organic food crops in the certified organic soils.


United Nations Goal # 5: Gender Equality & United Nations Goal # 10: Reduced Inequalities

  • ORGANIC INDIA provides women’s empowerment programs and gender-equality programs. Their goal is to empower rural women, many of whom are marginalised, by providing them with training and skill development to improve employment opportunities and promote social empowerment.
  • Generations of women work together in the field.


United Nations Goal # 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

ORGANIC INDIA also supports the promotion of preventative health care and sanitation in their Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Some of their initiatives have included:


  • The provision of safe drinking water via the installation of water filters.
  • The construction of hundreds of toilets in small rural villages.
  • ORGANIC INDIA has provided solar water pumps and solar home light systems in small rural villages.



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