25 years ago we set out to create a herbal medicine company that was close to our hearts. Our plan was to export India’s ancient Ayurvedic medicinal wisdom, in the form of herbal formulas and supplements, to the West.

Yet after witnessing the critical and toxic state of India’s agriculture, we realised that our mission would be far better served working across the supply chain ourselves, starting with the health of the land and the farmers, all the way through to the consumer.

We now work with over 2000 rural family farmers to cultivate over 10,000 acres of organic farmland in India.

  • We work directly with rural family farmers in India & cover the fees associated with acquiring organic certifications

  • We then purchase the harvested crops and herbs at a premium market price, ensuring sustainable income for our farmers

  • Our commitment goes beyond the farm by providing access to healthcare, gender equality programs and infrastructure improvements

Working directly with local farmers

For the majority of people in India, farming and agriculture is their entire way of life. More than 70% of India’s population remains located in rural areas and well over 50% of the workforce is engaged in agriculture as a primary source of income.

India is a nation of small farmers. 85% percent of India’s 120 million farmers are defined as ‘small’ (possessing less than two hectares of land each), and 65% as ‘marginal’ (operating a land area of less than one hectare). No doubt you’ve heard about the immense transition that India’s agricultural sector is facing today. The overuse of fertilisers and pesticides in recent decades across large parts of India has significantly impacted the soil with a variety of other negative outcomes from pest resistance to the farmer’s health.

Farmers are the roots of ORGANIC INDIA. Our network includes thousands of family farmers and wild-crafters across India, each working to bring the ORGANIC INDIA mission to life. Farms are a place of opportunity, community and shared purpose. Women in the field laugh and sing. Men raise their children to learn the ways of organic farming. Families farm together, growing food to eat as well as herbs to make a living. 

ORGANIC INDIA farmers and tribal wild-crafters are trained by our team and associated experts in all aspects of organic, agro-ecological practices. All of our farmers and tribal wild-crafters are educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices and we cover the fees associated with acquiring organic certifications. We then we purchase the crops and wildcrafted herbs that they produce at a premium market price.

Our farmers also rotate between growing crops on their land for ORGANIC INDIA with growing other organic food crops. This unique business modality makes it possible for farmers to prosper with farming skills that regenerate the Earth and will be passed onto future generations.

Beyond the farm

Through our unique Ethical Business Model and our foundation, our commitment goes beyond the farm to help enhance the lives of our farmers through fair-market wages, access to healthcare, empowerment and gender equality programs and infrastructure improvements. When farmers succeed, their villages also prosper, leading to a collective increase in quality of life.

Currently, we operate two healthcare centres in our main farming areas, providing free medical care not just to farmers and their families but also to surrounding villages.

The centres run health education programs, prenatal check-ups, baby wellness care and subsidise travelling surgeons to perform cataract operations in order to restore vision to patients. 

In 2016-178,280 patientswere seen & more than 7,813 people participated in health-related programmes & events


    Solar water pump Bundelkhand, 3 hand pumps Azamgarh & water filters in Jalore


    Home light systems (100) Rath, UP and (100) Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh


    105 toilets with flush & septic tank in Rath (65) and Azamgarh (40)

Organic farming, regenerative agriculture for a sustainable future

With foundations in organic farming, our network of farmers practice what we term as “Regenerative Agriculture“. This practice goes beyond the standards of organic certification. We treat each farm as a unique organism. Regenerative Agriculture includes the use of comprehensive soil fertility management, seed collection, composting, water management as well as crop protection and rotation.

Regenerative Agriculture also aims to return to the ancient practices by following the rhythms of nature, such as planting and harvesting according to the cycle of the moon. These practices all help to revive the local ecosystem in India through carbon sequestration and improved water and soil conditions, ultimately impacting the health of our global ecosystem.

Through organic agriculture, farmers learn regenerative farming practices, which enriches the soil, and increases the long-term yield and nutritional value of food. Certified organic foods comply with strict international standards and are free from all toxic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. All of which are harmful to human health, contaminate the food supply and water sources, deplete the soil, harm animals and wildlife and devastate natural eco-systems.

The ORGANIC INDIA certification plan is the largest of any organisation in India, extending across parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh.

Thousands of farmers, tribal people and their communities have been touched directly or indirectly by the projects of ORGANIC INDIA.

Together we have transformed more than 10,000 acres of chemically ravaged soil into fields of abundance through regenerative agro-ecological practices that serve, honour and protect the biodiversity of the Earth.