International Tea Day

International Tea Day

Did you know? Camellia sinensis (tea) is the world’s most consumed drink, after water and there is evidence that it was being consumed in China as much as 5000 years ago?

From Yerba Mate in Argentina to Red Bush (Rooibos) in Africa, English Breakfast to Indian Street Chai, all around the world, every day, millions of people drink tea.

And, in many of the world’s developing countries, every day, whole communities and millions of families are working to grow and produce the tea that forms a fundamental part of our personal and interpersonal connection and nourishment; our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The simple cup of tea that delivers health benefits to you and me, as well as having cultural significance in our societies, provides a main source of income, export revenue and livelihood for often remote communities in some of the poorest countries in the world. However, while tea production plays a vital role in rural development, poverty reduction and food security, many workers still face poor working conditions and low wages, even despite the volume of tea that is produced every year.

International Tea Day helps us to understand our tea farming communities and aims to support sustainable production and consumption of tea, raising awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty and ultimately, keeping tea fair.

If you haven’t made yourself a cup of tea already, do it now and come right back. Our next article invites you to create your own tea ritual at home that offers the reverence the humble tea plant and all who work with tea deserve 😁

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