Moringa: More info that you should know about

Moringa: More info that you should know about

 …written by our in-house naturopath.

  1. Moringa oleifera is purportedly the most nutritious plant on earth. Richly nutritious and regarded by some as The Tree of Life, Moringa offers more of vitamins A & C than found in carrots and oranges, more calcium than cow’s milk and more potassium than bananas. Plus, this plant gifts to us the complete set of essential amino acids, which means complete protein in plant form folks…. drumroll!
  1. Historically moringa, also called Drumstick, was only found in parts of India and Africa, growing in extremely arid soil, where little else grows, yet ironically, provides more nutrition than most other plants on our planet. 

  1. For readers who are interested in biology and geography, this paragraph is for you: The breakup of the supercontinent Pangea (millions of years ago) significantly influenced biogeographical patterns across the earth. As continents drifted apart, plants and animals became geographically isolated, which resulted in the evolution of region-specific unique flora and fauna. Given that Moringa was originally discovered in parts of India and Africa, this suggests these climates are perfect for producing the nutrient-dense moringa that Mother Nature intended. This is an example of biogeography, the science that explains the unique geographical distribution of animals and plants across the globe.
  1. Nowadays, moringa can be found growing in sub-tropical regions around the world such as Far North Queensland here in Australia. Although these climates offer similar growing conditions to its native soil, the outcome is not exactly the same – this can result in an altered nutritional profile for the plant.

  1. Certified Organic Moringa, no matter where it is grown, is free from artificial pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilisers, and is grown in a more environmentally sustainable way than a conventionally farmed crop, therefore promoting the natural fertility of the soil, and generating less pollution for our soil and our waterways.
  1. Moringa grown using regenerative agricultural practices exceeds all other growing techniques, because this method addresses the holistic aspects of the entire ecosystem. Regenerative farming considers the interactions between the soil, water, plants animals and humans, and aims to enhance the natural ecosystem of the land itself. When crops are grown regeneratively, soil health, water retention, carbon sequestration and biodiversity are all preserved.

  1. Moringa powder is an extremely cost-effective superfood and living proof of the abundant nature of Mother Earth. Grown in arid soil where little else grows, making nutrition accessible to local tribal women who would harvest immature pods (drumsticks), bark, stem, leaves, or stalks to supplement their cooking and nourish their children. It’s no wonder that Moringa is considered by some to be The Miracle Tree.
  1. ORGANIC INDIA farmers tend to their moringa crops with great care. Our commitment to supporting their livelihoods whilst maintaining product integrity is evident in practical actions such as provision of materials such as tarpaulin sheets and bags for harvesting and packing. At our LEED Platinum Certified Production Facility, moringa leaves are carefully dried and then steam sterilised to properly preserve nutritional value whilst minimising microbial count, to ensure a high quality, hygienic moringa powder. Every single batch of ORGANIC INDIA moringa undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a fresh and nutritious powder is packed into high barrier material to retain the vibrancy of this superfood.

  1. Seasonal variability will be evident in the appearance of your Moringa Powder since no two seasons are identical. Especially for Moringa grown organically and regeneratively. The colour of your moringa powder may appear somewhere along the spectrum of green to brown, depending on the appearance of the leaf when it is harvested, along with the drying techniques. 

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa is grown with so much love and care by our very own farmer partners using regenerative agricultural practices in the soil Mother Nature intended. While ORGANIC INDIA Moringa carries multiple organic certifications and offers extremely cost-effective nutritional wellness to you and me, while supporting the livelihood and wellness of whole communities of multigenerational family farmers in India and ultimately, the wellbeing of our entire planet.

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