Naturally Good Awards

Naturally Good Awards

ORGANIC INDIA is thrilled to be one of 5 brands shortlisted for the Naturally Good Best Socially Conscious Brand Award in AUS & NZ in 2022.

Naturally Good unites our local community of natural, organic and healthy brands, connecting us with buyers, retail stores and, ultimately you, our valued customers!

The Naturally Good Awards celebrate the best in the business.

This category seeks to recognise the leading Socially Conscious brand in the industry, the well thought out and sustained efforts to encourage and promote socially conscious practices within business, product production, promotion, and partnerships. Key to the award is the idea of a sustained effort for social change.

For over 25 years, ORGANIC INDIA has worked with rural family farmers to cultivate organic farmland in India. The Tulsi tea that brings health and happiness to you has always begun with the health of the land and the wellbeing of our farmers.

Our health and sanitation programs, our literacy initiatives, our gender equality and female empowerment programs are all in place to ensure that while our farmers are regenerating the soil, our company is regenerating whole communities of marginalised farmers.

When you choose to put ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi into your cup, you are supporting a business model that prioritises people and planet alongside profit.

Our position remains the same as a finalist as it would if we were to win the Award. ORGANIC INDIA demonstrates that business can succeed as a force for good, and inspires other Companies to connect with a meaningful purpose beyond making a profit. ORGANIC INDIA also invites consumers the world over to think about how simple everyday purchases such as a box of Tulsi tea, can make a difference for all of us, as well as our planet.

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Naturally Good Awards, Best Socially Conscious Brand Entry 2022.

Every mug of our Tulsi tea supports the livelihood of rural family farmers in India as well as the wellbeing of our entire planet.

ORGANIC INDIA has been applying ethical business practises to regenerate whole communities of marginalised farmers as well as the earth for 25 years. Our purpose motivates our own farmers and our team, inspires our trade partners, and engenders loyalty and commitment from our consumers. Our vision goes beyond all of this- we hope that our Company story catalyses other businesses to become a force for good, to address the milieu social and environmental challenges our world faces today.

Nurturing sustainable, intergenerational livelihoods in Rural India.

The ORGANIC INDIA Agriculture Team works in partnership with small rural farmers to teach regenerative farming principles. They motivate, guide, monitor, provide the seeds and pay the farmers, and cover the costs associated with organic certification. ORGANIC INDIA ensures the crops are of the highest quality, purchases them at a premium market rate, and uses them to produce (at our very own LEED Platinum Certified facility) certified organic teas and herbal supplements to be sold domestically and internationally.

Our commitment to help enhance the lives of our farmers goes beyond training and fair market wages. We provide;

Access to free healthcare including cataract operations and pre and post-natal checks at ORGANIC INDIA medical centres and via visiting doctors.

Infrastructure improvements. Basic sanitation has been improved via the installation of drinking water filters and building of latrines for family homes. Wells have been sunk and solar pumps installed to improve water accessibility to all, regardless of caste.

Supporting the next generation. Solar panel installation has increased literacy and opportunity making it possible for children’s’ homework to be completed after dark.

Empowerment and gender equality programs. ORGANIC INDIA hires widows, the elderly and illiterate at equal rates to men, offers job skills training programs as well as programs in other fields to improve employment opportunities on & off the farm. Women now lead operations on farms, a role traditionally taken only by men.

I have worked here for the past 20 years; one of my daughters is working here. I am happy because this work pays me well to run my family, it helps me to fulfil my family’s needs.” Sundari Devi, ORGANIC INDIA female farmer.

The ORGANIC INDIA business model makes it possible for whole farming communities to prosper with skills that regenerate the Earth and that can be passed on to future generations. These families achieve sustainable incomes while their own health, wellbeing and natural environment are improved and preserved.

A warm thank you to all your farmers, workers, managers. Great products, great philosophy, good karma., respecting Mother Earth and fighting the corruption from big food conglomerates. With you in heart and spirit, I hope to follow your lead. Thank you very much Organic India!

Email from Glenn, Australian Consumer, 14.01.22.

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