Renew, Relax and Rejuvenate this Winter Season

Renew, Relax and Rejuvenate this Winter Season

Winter is here and feels colder than ever! But while it may not seem that enjoyable, it can be the break you needed to rejuvenate your body and mind. There are a million and one ways people like to relax. Here are our top choices in which we like to treat ourselves:


One of the best ways to relax is to sit back and be lazy – do nothing! For a suggestion, if the weather permits, lie down outside with your legs on a pillow and stare at this beautiful world of ours. Nothing feels better than knowing that are you completely carefree. Schedule some time to just enjoy your own company.


I know most of us have limited time on our schedules as it is – we wake up early, go to work or school or university, come home in time for dinner and then it’s off to bed for us. However, this winter season has to be different! We need to ensure we’re getting more sleep than just our nightly shut eye. Try to sleep for up to 2 extra hours during the day, for those of you that sleep may not come easily to you can drink tea a few minutes before your scheduled nap time. Just a quick reminder, make sure you drink caffeine free tea before going to sleep! For a suggestion, try Tulsi Honey Chamomile or Tulsi Sleep teas which contain herbs that will help you sleep better.


Take time away from the busy-ness of life and give yourself a chance to focus on your inner thoughts. Before your meditation period, you could have a cup of tea to calm your nerves. For the duration of your meditation ensure you are in a quiet place for the most beneficial session. This practice leads to a rejuvenation of your life as it helps you develop a fresh and unbiased attitude towards life.


We all know summer is when you spend your time at the beach and at outdoor physical activities. Winter on the other hand gives us an opportunity to spend time with friends and family where you can really focus on them and their needs. It allows us to reconnect with them as individuals and rediscover our bonds.


While it may not be the nicest thought – venturing into the cold winds of winter – exercise can help you to relax. By fitting regular exercise into your schedule it can reduce your stress and give you those lovely endorphins we all crave. It may even help you shed off some extra weight, which is always a bonus! To keep out the cold, try a yoga studio in your area. The heated classes are bound to warm you up.


One of the best rejuvenation tactics that can help relax your body and mind is getting a massage. An aromatherapy massage eases any tension you may be harbouring, reducing your stress levels. The scents of chamomile and lavender within the oils used set the perfect atmosphere, paired with calming music. The session will promote your ability to relax and give you that extra energy to finish the week.

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