What is a B Corp? ORGANIC INDIA: Using Business as a Force for Good.

What is a B Corp? ORGANIC INDIA: Using Business as a Force for Good.

As conscious consumers we want to know not only what the products we buy are made of, but how they are made and what the company’s environmental and ethical footprint is.

Buying from a B Corporation reassures you that a business is serious about doing good and is on a sustainable path towards the future. B Corps represent an inspirational shift in thinking away from the old, where business profits come at the expense of environmental and personal heath, to an exciting, more ethical future.

What is B Corp?
Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. (1)

How do you become certified?
There is a rigorous certification process that assesses the overall positive impact of the company. B Corps are assessed on their impact on their workers, customers, community and environment, a process that involves third party validation, public transparency and legal accountability.

How many BCorp companies are there?
There are over 5000 B Corps throughout 71 countries from a wide range of business types. Examples of B Corps in Australia include: Patagonia, Munch Crunch Organics, and Australian Ethical Investments. ORGANIC INDIA USA proudly became B Corp certified in 2015. (2)

Why is being a BCorp important to ORGANIC INDIA?
ORGANIC INDIA has a vision to forge a path, using the global marketplace as a tool to change the face of agriculture in northern India. The founders’ mission was to offer safe and effective herbal products to the world. To do this they wanted to establish a sustainable business model that would support the livelihood of thousands of marginalised farmers in India by providing training and education, enabling self-sufficiency and skills that could be passed on to future generations.

The B Corp community works toward reducing inequality, reducing poverty, improving the health of the environment, creating healthy communities, and creating jobs that promote dignity and purpose. These principles are at the very heart of ORGANIC INDIA, so it was a natural fit to become B Corp certified.

How is OI performing as a B Corp?
For the last two years, ORGANIC INDIA USA has proudly placed in the top 10% of all certified B Corporations, scoring exceptionally well for ‘Mission and Engagement’, ‘Corporate Culture’, ‘Toxic Reduction and Remediation’ and ‘Supply Chain Poverty Alleviation’.

The achievement of this status defines ORGANIC INDIA as a company that is leading the way in the B Corp movement, showing others not only what’s possible but how to make it happen. With creative and compassionate approaches to using business as a force for good, it is a company that is living proof of the power of balancing purpose with profits.

By choosing products from ORGANIC INDIA, you become part of our B Corp that proudly supports over 2000 marginalised farmers, promotes gender equality, women’s empowerment and practices regenerative certified organic agriculture all while promoting your own health and wellness.


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